Wednesday, July 4, 2012

something i made - art cards by Opal

ink + stamps, recycled paper, sparkles. copyright Opal Retzer.

hello, Blogger. it's been a while. i still love you, i think about you all the time. life's been busy but rather than rehash all that's been i'm just gonna dive right back in to this blog with all that is present and happening now! above is an example of something i truly love to do but have not yet shared with the internet world: handmade cards. the process alone of making one (or ten) fills me with so much joy and love i could do it from sunrise to sunset. those feelings increase ten-fold when i get to give the card to the intended person and watch their eyes light up at the unexpected delight of a) being thought of and b) receiving something one of a kind made by hand. i hope this post inspires you to make a card instead of buying one the next time a birthday or special occasion arises! happy creating :)

left: a thank you card i made for my art teacher at the end of classes. right: a welcome home card created for my best friend :)

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