Monday, October 15, 2012

something spooky - halloween makeup ideas

i love HALLOWEEN! the actress in me particularly loves getting the opportunity to be an entirely different character than yourself for a whole day (sometimes a whole weekend). this year, as per usual, i got really into it. early. i've been admiring the autumn beauty outdoors, making crafts, and watching spooky movies and feeling incredibly inspired by it all. i would never deny myself the opportunity to act on such inspiration, so below are two makeup-costume looks to help share the good freaky vibes with you all! 

first: my take on Tim Burton's lady vampire in Dark Shadows (if you're a Tim Burton fan, or just a fan of fun i highly recommend this movie).

second: a simplified (meaning i only used 3 products and this only took about 10 minutes) Sugar Skull look a la dia de los muertos. this look was extremely easy and fun to do, so its a great idea for those very last-minute-on-your-way-out-the-door costume creators (i know who you are because i am you).

hope you enjoy and get some great ideas of your own!

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Cristine Douglas said...

Awww great halloween makeup! I was actually looking for some nice creepy and scary halloween makeup that will freak my friends out on Halloween. Thanks for sharing these ideas.