Wednesday, May 18, 2011

hello, world.

My name is Opal and this is my new blog! I am a 20 year old artist based in the Rocky Mountains of Canada, and I love looking at, appreciating, and making beautiful things. To me, beauty is a reflection of the soul. To see true soul is to see real beauty. I love to laugh, to eat, to try new things, to express love and compassion, and to see what others are capable of creating as well as what you can learn from and about others when you open your mind (and heart) and listen. I am endlessly marvelled at the strength of the human spirit and of the complexity/brilliance of the human mind. I am equally marvelled at the brilliance of nature, and therefore do everything I can to honour and take care of something so exquisite. Since I am a very visual person, and the internet is a very visual place, I thought that the best way to express my style, to share my artwork and creative experimentations as well as appreciate the work of others, and to share the things I find interesting in life would be through a blog of optical inclination, a place for hungry eyes to be fed! Bon apetit :)

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