Monday, May 23, 2011

something real - paint the town GREEN

above: top, edina todoki goes all out with portraits made of wood slats with greens growing through the spaces; moss calligraphy by anna garforth.

My sister came across something brilliant the other day (as she is a brilliant girl herself, naturally she would attract such things). It's the treehugger's answer to public art that is not only non toxic and completely earth friendly (its made even made from nature!), but is perfectly representative of an eco revolutionary's point - to send a message about the resilience of nature, in a natural way, using the power of nature. Moss Graffitti is art murals similar to any spray paint work but that is made using Moss Paint. Composed of just buttermilk, water, sugar, and moss, this incredible art medium is by far the greenest (pun SO intended) around. The idea is to paint your chosen design on a surface where moss could thrive. With some moisture and sun, the moss will grow to show the design you created. Pure magic - with a bad ass, damn-the-man with my green thumb feeling behind it. Heavy Petal (click on the post title for the link) is the blog that deserves credit for drawing our attention to the art form and causing quite a stir of creative inspiration in our household.

Also, check out this incredible article about Vertical Vegetation and Greenery as Art.


Laurel said...

I've never heard of moss graffiti, but absolutely love this idea. I really hope this catches on.

Jillian said...

This is super cool! We make moss baskets for the Easter bunny to visit, but this is some pretty sick art! Great are very talented. Looking forward to reading more.